Our People

This is the team whose tireless efforts make the research possible. Are you interested in learning more and helping us fight cancer? Contact us today to join our team.


Ritu Aneja, PhD
  • Professor of Cancer Biology
  • Distinguished University Professor
  • Director, Graduate Studies in Biology
  • Director, The MBD (Molecular Basis of Disease) Program
“I eat, sleep, breathe, live and love what I do.”
—Dr. Aneja


Padmashree C. G. Rida, PhD
Padmashree C. G. Rida, PhD
  • risk assessment and modeling
  • translating biomarker discovery into clinical applications
  • biomarkers for patient stratification and personalized medicine
  • mechanisms of chemoresistance and disease recurrence and relapse
  • ethnic health disparity in cancer
  • molecular centrosome biology
  • centrosome amplification in solid cancers
“I love my research here because our team's work is going to eventually impact cancer patients' lives.”
Rao Mukkavilli, PhD
  • in vitro drug metabolism
  • in vivo pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics
  • modeling and simulation
  • bioanalysis
  • chemical proteomics
"Cancer started it and we will finish it."
—Dr. Mukkavalli


Angela Ogden
Angela Ogden
  • prognostic and predictive biomarkers in cancer
  • centrosome amplification and declustering drugs
  • racial health disparity
“That our research is just a heartbeat away from the clinic inspires and drives me, as I’m confident our work will help cancer patients.”


Chakravarthy Garlapati
Chakravarthy Garlapati
  • cancer signaling pathways for discovery of novel targets
  • molecular centrosome biology
"Since I started working here, I have found it to be true that in science theory guides, but it is the experiment that decides.”
Ishita Choudhary
  • prognostic and predictive biomarkers in triple-negative breast cancer
“I find cancer research very interesting and intriguing. The fact that the research work in our lab may help cancer patients keeps me motivated.”
Jaspreet Kaur
  • obesity and breast cancer
"I love participating in cutting-edge research because I get to play a role in saving lives everyday."
Karuna Goel
Karuna Mittal
  • centrosome amplification in solid cancers
  • centrosome declustering drugs
  • mechanisms of chemoresistance
  • disease recurrence and relapse
“I love this work because it keeps me motivated intrinsically which is the utmost requirement for success.”
Nikita Wright
  • prognostic and predictive biomarkers in breast cancer
  • racial health disparity
I enjoy inquiring and answering pertinent questions in molecular cell biology and stumbling upon exciting discoveries that can make a major impact in cancer research.
Sergey Klimov
Sergey Klimov
  • risk assessment
  • statistical modeling
  • translating biomarker discovery into clinical applications
  • biomarkers for patient stratification
“I have a passion for integrating mathematics, statistics, and biology to advance cancer research, through the use of novel cell cycle kinetics and tumor microenviornment biomarkers.”
Shristi Bhattarai
Shristi Bhattarai
  • biomarkers of in vivo growth kinetics
  • determinants of prognostic and predictive biomarkers in breast cancer
“What drives me is the question of how to cure cancer, which for so many years has gone unanswered.”
Shriya Joshi
  • DNA damage response
  • cell cycle kinetics
"Research is an organized method that keeps you dissatisfied with what you have and this dissatisfaction is what drives more and more discoveries."


Ahmed Ghareeb
  • in vivo effect of anti-cancer molecules
  • pharmocokinetics
“Lab animals help us beat the cancer. I enjoy conducting animal experiments and creating various animal cancer models as a preliminary and foundational step for novel anti-cancer therapy."
Brian Melton
  • breast cancer biomarker discovery
"I enjoy participating in cutting-edge research because I can make a valuable impact on people's lives."
David Choi
David Choi
  • prognostic biomarkers in ovarian cancer
“I enjoy lab work because it provides me with the stage to be inquisitive and learn something every day.”
Jennifer McFaline-Figueroa
  • molecular regulation of epigenetic changes in prostate cancer
"I’m excited to be part of an interdisciplinary lab that combines my passion for translational medicine with my desire to be of help to those affected by cancer.”


Former Research Scientists
Prasanthi Karna: Research Scientist, Fred Hutchison Cancer Center
Former Post-Doctoral Fellows
Ram Mishra: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, UGA
Former PhD Candidates
Sushma Gundala: Clinical Trial Associate, Eli Lilly
Vaishali Pannu: Postdoctoral Scientist, Caris Life Sciences
Mohamed O. Abdalla: Assistant Professor, Tuskegee University
Former Masters Students
Richard Stanton: PhD Candidate at Emory University
Meera Brahmabhatt: Pursuing medical degree at Morehouse School of Medicine
Former Undergraduate Students
Hope Robinson: PhD candidate at Emory University
Other Alumni
Alice Cheng, MS Betul Çelik, MS Dillon Livecche, BS Michelle McBride, MS Rutuganda Paranjpe, MS Sanam Dharma, MS Shashi Donthamsetty, PhD Simran Sharma, MS