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Ritu Aneja

Ritu Aneja, PhD
Professor of Cancer Biology
Distinguished University Professor
Director of Graduate Studies in Biology
Director of The MBD (Molecular Basis of Disease) Program

614 PSC, Department of Biology
Georgia State University
100 Piedmont Ave, Atlanta GA 30303
(404) 413-5417

Openings in the Lab

Please visit this page frequently and look out for interesting opportunities to be part of the exciting work in our lab.

The Aneja Lab is looking to hire a highly motivated Part-Time Student Assistant [10-15 hours/week] to handle a variety of basic administrative task in office and around the Downtown Atlanta campus. Applicants should be enthusiastic, flexible, dependable, and professional. Must be a current Georgia State Undergraduate student to apply. Interested individuals please email resumes to Dr. Aneja.

Please only apply if you are earnest about engaging in intensive intermediate- or long-term projects.

Opening for a research technician:

Urgently seeking a Res Technician/Specialist well versed in mammalian cell culture, transfections, and basic molecular biology techniques (cloning, chromatin IP, transcript analysis by RT-PCR, overexpression, and knockdown of proteins). The candidate should be able to perform various basic and advanced cell biology techniques like fixed and live-cell imaging, using confocal microscopy. Proficiency in handling and carrying out mouse work required. Should have good oral and written communication skills and a can-do attitude.

Graduate Mentoring Philosophy

My primary mentoring goal is to motivate and stimulate students to become their own teachers. I aim to instill a thirst in students for knowledge and for the challenging, yet fulfilling terrain of scientific research.

I view the mentoring relationship as an invaluable opportunity to influence the personal development of students and to shape them into knowledgeable, creative, tenacious and hard-working individuals who will leverage the power of collaboration and team work to chart their own course of discovery.

I meet regularly with all lab members and strive to make the culture in my lab one that inspires and supports the aspirations of individual students without losing sight of the team’s aims.

I try to provide resources and professional advice to help students realize their short- and long-term goals while constantly emphasizing the highest standards of ethical behavior and integrity.

Finally, I attempt to inculcate students with my mantra, which has driven me in my pursuits, that proper planning and preparation promote peak productivity.

Qualities Sought

Since I invest and focus significant time, effort and financial resources in each student’s development, I will only consider students who demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Utmost level of motivation and interest in the lab’s research
  • Independent thinking with a willingness to work hard and demonstrate resilience in the face of technical challenges
  • Solid grasp of the literature and the ability to drive the evolution of their projects and design innovative approaches to research problems
  • Ability to work cohesively with other members of my research team to foster a vibrant and intellectually stimulating lab environment conducive to everyone’s success
  • Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills
  • Most importantly, passion, persistence, perseverence, and patience, which always pay the greatest dividends!